Privacy Policy

According to applicable legislation, as a data controller, we present you our Privacy Policy regarding processing your personal data; this has the objective of detailing how we collect your data, the purpose of processing, how we use it, and who has access to it, etc. This Policy also involves your privacy rights, which you can exercise as a data subject.

This notice is aimed at our website visitors (potential or existing clients / other partners, candidates, etc.)

About us

In this notice, “we,” “us,” “ours,” and “Cluster de Educație C-EDU Association” refer to the association, its affiliates, and subsidiaries. For further details about our association, please consult the final section of this document. “You” refers to you as a data subject in the position of a website visitor.

Protecting the personal data that we process as a data controller represents one of the essential objectives in our business. We are aware of our responsibility for secure and legally compliant processing. We commit to maintaining a privacy management program, subject to continuous monitoring and improvement to achieve this.

How we use your personal data

There are two ways we collect your personal data: directly from you, such as when submitting website forms and resumes or direct contact with us, and indirectly, when we collect data through cookies and other information technology.

When you communicate with us

We process data from any inquiry form you submit to us or directly, such as name, phone, email, role, company, country/region, to communicate with you regarding your requirements or complaints.

When you subscribe to a newsletter or other email alerts / participate in promoting campaigns/register and participate in our events/ download or use our materials posted on our website/evaluation campaigns on our products and solutions

We process your personal information such as name and email to provide you with information about our products and services; we also process registration data as a participant in our promotional campaigns (data processing is done according to the Promotion Campaign Regulations / Specific Privacy Policies and Event Terms & Conditions that you may access for more information), such as name, position in company, company, email or phone, etc. We may also ask you for feedback on our products and solutions.


When you visit our website

We use different tools such as Google Analytics and similar to analyze statistical data about our visitors or to help us generate leads by knowing companies that visited us; we can use this data to corroborate with publicly available data sources.

For more details about the tools we are using, cookies, and processed data, please check the Cookie Policy.

The purpose of data processing

  1. Communication with you regarding any requests from your side for us to be able to provide support and assistance (the requirements can be related to our products & services, complaints, information about events, campaigns, etc.).
  2. We are promoting our company and the services offered by the association through newsletters and campaigns.
  3. Improvement of our products/solutions by obtaining feedback from you
  4. The operation, maintenance, and improvement of our website functionality (under users’ needs or preferences) and ensure the security of its administration to diagnose connectivity issues and prevent fraud.
  5. Marketing purposes, analyzing visitors, website browsing preferences, users’ locations and behaviors, trends – to create a personalized experience for data subjects and improve AROBS presentation and promotion, and help us generate leads.
  6. For administrative, legal, and evidential purposes in connection with the above activities, as well as archiving and defending our association against claims.

The legal bases of processing for the purposes outlined above are our legitimate interest (by ensuring that our actions do not prevail over your rights and freedoms), your consent (e.g., this applies when it comes to direct marketing communications – newsletter, or installation of cookies that are not strictly required) as well as the execution of the contract (when there is a contract between you and us or there are steps to conclude it). We also process personal data considering the legal requirements.

How we use your personal data

We will hold collected personal data for a limited period of time, according to internal policies and any applicable legislation.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

For reasons related to our legitimate interest, we may disclose your personal data to third parties as long as this is necessary for our activities. Thus, we use various IT services (maintenance, applications, and security), marketing (analysis, promotion, newsletter administration), document archiving, and more. Please access the Cookie Policy for more details on third parties who can access your personal data through the cookies and similar technologies installed on your device.

We may also disclose your personal data to authorities, public institutions (regulators, tax authorities, etc.), attorneys, insurance companies, auditors, and external consultants only when this is necessary, or it is a legal requirement.

There might be situations when we disclose your data in order to protect your vital interest or the vital interest of another person. We may also act similarly whenever necessary for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.

International transfer of personal data

In the processing of your personal data, we may transfer the data outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) whenever necessary to deliver it. In such cases, we comply with the international privacy legislation by providing/ensuring the proper secure transfer approved mechanisms, such as adequacy decisions, EU Standard Contract Clauses (SCC), and Privacy Shield).

Personal data security

We are accountable for protecting your personal data (collected directly or indirectly from you). Therefore we are continuously focusing on the optimal functioning of our IT systems and all implemented organizational & technical controls, part of our information security management system (which is ISO 27001 certified).

Your rights

As a person, you have certain rights you can exercise, while we will respond according to all the applicable legal requirements. It is important to emphasize that some of the rights enumerated below may apply only partially under certain circumstances; for further details, as well as for any request, please contact us.

Thus, your rights are:

To be informed regarding the way we process your personal data (this Policy is an example of such information)

  • To have access to your personal data that we might have (you can require us to provide you such information)
  • To rectify your personal data (please contact us if you notice that your personal data is incorrect)
  • To erase the personal data (in order to eliminate the data we hold, whenever applicable)
  • To restrict and/or object the way we process your personal data
  • Data portability (supply the data in transferrable format)
  • To not be a subject to automated decisions and profiling, which produce a legal or significant effect
  • The right to complain to the supervisory authority (

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Policy whenever it is necessary and publish a new revision on this site. For this, we invite you to read this Policy regularly.

Other information and contact data

For any questions or clarification requests regarding the way we process your personal data or for requests about the exercising of your rights, please contact us. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner and support you in your endeavor.

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Last Update: May 2022